About us

You propose. We design and validate.

Klinea rises from the need of the biopharmaceutical industry of having a specialized engineering partner capable of creating cutting edge designs that meet cGMP requirements and quality standards.

An experienced technical team with more than 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical sector and extensive process knowledge has positioned Klinea as a strategic partner for laboratories to design and execute investment projects.

Our motivation

Contribute to societal wellbeing by designing drug production facilities that ensure high-quality medicines, cost-efficient manufacture and without compromising the environment.

For everyone.

Why Klinea?

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in designing biopharmaceutical facilities.

Our SMEs know exactly what you need to accomplish your project goals.

More than 100+ projects successfully delivered and satisfied clients endorse our work.

Our values

Transparency, sincerity and frankness to gain the confidence of our clients, partners and suppliers.

Nothing is more attractive than seeing people enjoy what they do.

We strive to adapt our value proposition to the real needs of our customers.

Sectors with which
klinea works

Klinea works mostly for the biopharmaceutical sector. Our mission is to accompany our clients so that they can provide quality treatment to patients.

Within the biopharmaceutical sector we work in the following fields (I would put these points in boxes and with a little explanation as in IPS):

Advanced therapies
(gene, cell and tissue therapy)


Biotechnology and biomanufacturing

Animal health


Recombinant proteins / biomolecules

Our main obsession:

Enhance great talent to strive for excellence in every project.