Ethical Channel

Klinea provides this confidential ethical communication channel to strengthen its commitment to regulatory and legal compliance.

This channel can be used by any person, whether part of the Company or outside it, who has been aware of or has indications of the existence of conduct that generates regulatory, legal and/or criminal breaches or who wishes to consult any questions about our Code of Ethics.

Klinea guarantees that the treatment of the communications received will be governed by the principles of diligence, confidentiality, objective treatment and impartial and anonymous treatment, and that the communications sent to it by this means will only be accessible to the Regulatory Compliance Committee, without any other member of the company having access to them.

Klinea expressly prohibits any type of retaliation and guarantees compliance with Law 2/2023, of February 20, throughout the management of communications received.

The channel allows anonymous and non-anonymous communication and/or reporting, although we encourage you to identify yourself so that we can communicate with you in case you need additional information and for better management and investigation of the facts.

This channel cannot be used to submit complaints or claims regarding the services provided by KLINEA, nor to send commercial communications.

This channel is not enabled for the reception of Curriculum Vitae (C.V.). All C.V. submitted through the Ethical Channel will be destroyed immediately.

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